Digital Health

About the Digital Health Team

The Digital Health team at the CORE Center & Stroger Hospital focuses on HIV-related digital epidemiology and health promotion interventions for HIV-vulnerable sexual and gender minority youth and adults across the United States. Our lab is co-led by Dr. Audrey L. French, MD, Div. of Infectious Disease, Dept. of Medicine, Director of HIV Inpatient Services at Stroger Hospital, and Director of Research at CORE Center, and Dr. Sybil G. Hosek, PhD, Director of Research within the Div. of Psychology, Dept. of Mental Health & Substance Abuse at Stroger Hospital. Dr. French is a Professor of Medicine, and Dr. Hosek is an Associate Professor of Medicine with the Infectious Diseases Fellowship faculty at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.

Study Team

Audrey L. French, MD

Co-Principal Investigator

Cook County Health

Sybil G. Hosek, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator

Cook County Health

Lisa B. Hightow-Weidman, PhD, MPH

Co-Principal Investigator

University of North Carolina

Kimberly Powers, PhD


University of North Carolina

One Cow Standing

One Cow Standing is our digital health technology partner. One Cow Standing works with many types of businesses and institutions. Our clients range from multi-billion dollar corporations to small businesses, from well established companies to startups.

Our Awards

Mobile Health Awards

Hightow-Weidman & Hosek (mPI) AllyQuest (2015)

Digital Epidemiology Awards

French & Hosek (mPI) Keeping it LITE-1 (2017)

Hosek, French & Hightow-Weidman (mPI) Keeping it LITE-2 (2022)


Please contact Mr. Pedro A. Serrano, MPH, CPH for more information.